For Our Colleagues

For Our Colleagues
35 min readDec 10, 2023
Palestinians carry an injured man following the Israeli bombing on Khan Yunis, Gaza. Photo: Saher Alghorra

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Update: As of April 2, at least 95 journalists have been killed, according to CPJ — 88 in Gaza, 4 in Israel, and 3 in Lebanon.

As members of the international journalism community, we call for an end to the killing of journalists and to any threats to media covering the Israeli bombardment in Gaza and Lebanon, and the escalating violence in the region. We call for the protection of all of our colleagues by all parties.

The past eight weeks have been the deadliest for our colleagues since the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) began gathering data 30 years ago. As of December 8, at least 63 journalists have been killed: 56 in Gaza, 4 in Israel, and 3 in Lebanon. That’s an average of one journalist killed per day.

Palestinian journalists reporting in Gaza are doing so amid carnage and destruction, exposing horrors that would otherwise remain invisible to the outside world. Journalists there have not only lost their homes and family members in the bombings but also face dire living conditions, with limited food, water, and electricity due to a complete siege. Meanwhile, restricted access to Gaza and communication blackouts have suppressed the flow of information.

In Lebanon, journalists are not safe either. On one occasion, tank fire from Israel killed one journalist among a group of colleagues identifiable as press. On a second occasion, Israeli strikes killed two journalists.

Israeli journalists are also working amid personal loss and in a climate of worsening press freedom.

In the occupied West Bank, Israeli forces arrested at least 19 journalists — mostly during raids on their homes — and harassed, assaulted, and detained scores.

This must stop.

Journalism plays an essential role in documenting history and serving the public interest by exposing realities too often obscured by disinformation and misinformation. Our reporting can reveal the true costs of war.

We stand with all of our colleagues and condemn the killing of journalists. We remind all parties that attacks targeting civilians — including journalists — violate international law. We call on the international community to uphold freedom of the press and to protect the lives and safety of members of the media. We demand an end to the impunity in the killing of journalists and we call for those found responsible to be held to account.



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Brittany Greeson, Documentary Photographer
Brittany Sowacke, Photographer
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Brooklynn Kascel, Photographer
Bruno Bou Haya, Documentary Photographer
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Bruno Mancinelle, Photographer
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Bruno Thevenin, Photographer
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Bryan Banducci, Photographer
Bryan Tarnowski, Photographer
Budi Dharmawan, Writer / Editor
Bui Phuong Thao, Writer / Editor
Bulent Kilic, Photojournalist
Cæciliie Philipa Vibe Pedersen, Documentary Photographer
Caitlin O’Hara, Photographer
Caitlin Sophie, Photographer
Camilla Ferrari, Photographer
Camilla Forte, Photo Editor
Camilla Martini, Documentary Photographer
Camilla Richetti, Photographer
Camille Simon, Photo Editor
Camilo Freedman, Photographer
Cansu Yıldıran, Photographer
Carielle Doe, Documentary Photographer
Carina Neder Petrini, Educator
Carli Brosseau, Journalist
Carlos Bernate, Documentary Photographer
Carlos Coronel Solís, Journalist
Carlos Ortega, Educator
Carlos Rosillo, Photographer
Carlos Sánchez, Photographer
Carlos Sardiña Galache, Writer / Editor
Carlos Soto, Photographer
Carlos Villalon, Photojournalist
Carmen Pérez Acal, Journalist
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Caroline Yang, Photographer
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Cecilia Anesi, Journalist
Cecilia Martínez, Journalist
Cecilia Nowell, Journalist
Cédric Gerbehaye, Documentary Photographer
Celeste Noche, Photographer
Celia Bougdal, Photographer
Céline Sarr, Photographer
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Charissa Soriano, Documentary Photographer
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Charlotte Yonga, Photographer
Chelo Camacho, Photographer
Cheney Orr, Photographer
Chiara Bardelli Nonino, Photo Editor
Chiara Goia, Photographer
Chiara Wettmann, Photographer
Chloe Booker, Journalist
Chloë Ellingson, Documentary Photographer
Chloé Rémond, Journalist
Chona Kasinger, Photographer
Chris de Bode, Documentary Photographer
Chris King, Documentary Photographer
Chris Kousouros, Filmmaker
Chris McGrath, Photographer
Chris Trinh , Photographer
Christi (Chris) de Beer-Procter, Documentary Photographer
Christian Braga, Documentary Photographer
Christian Escobarmora, Photojournalist
Christian Zeier, Journalist
Christiana Botic, Photographer
Christie Hemm Klok, Photographer
Christin El-kholy, Journalist
Christina Noriega, Journalist
Christoph Bangert, Photographer
Christopher Boan, Journalist
Christopher Khor, Filmmaker
Christopher Lee, Photojournalist
Christy Frank, Documentary Photographer
Christy Havranek, Visual Journalist
Chus Monteserin, Photographer
Ciara Leeming, Visual Journalist
Cilia Klinger, Photographer
Ciliane S. J., Documentary Photographer
Cindy Lozito, Visual Journalist
Cindy Trinh, Documentary Photographer
Cintia Sarría Porcar, Photographer
Cinzia D’Ambrosi, Photographer
Citlali Fabián, Photographer
Claire Caulfield, Writer / Editor
Claire Eggers, Documentary Photographer
Claire Loughran, Photographer
Clara Watt, Documentary Photographer
Clarisse Meireles, Journalist
Clark Hodgin, Photographer
Claude Guibal, Journalist
Claudia Calderone, Photographer
Claudia Cavaliere, Journalist
Claudia Ferreira, Photographer
Claudia Guadarrama, Documentary Photographer
Claudia Hinterseer, Videographer
Claudia Janke, Photographer
Claudia Lacave, Journalist
Claudia Morales Laruta, Photographer
Claudia Palmeira, Educator
Claudia Paparelli, Visual Journalist
Claudia Wiens, Photographer
Claudine Sauvé, Photographer
Clemence Cluzel, Journalist
Clément Di Roma, Videographer
Clément Martz, Documentary Photographer
Clément Saccomani, Journalist
Clint Williams, Documentary Photographer
Clothilde Mraffko, Journalist
Clotilde Bigot, Journalist
Coco McPherson, Documentary Photographer
Cody Bloomfield, Journalist
Cole Miller, Educator
Coline Charbonnier, Journalist
Constanza Eliana Chinea, Journalist
Constanza Vieira, Journalist
Cooper Inveen, Visual Journalist
Corinne Redfern, Journalist
Cornell Watson, Photographer
Cosette Molijn, Journalist
Cristiana Raffa, Journalist
Cristiane Almeida, Educator
Cristina Aznar, Photographer
Cristina Carbonara, Photographer
Cristina De Middel, Photographer
Cristina Helberg, Journalist
Cristina Vatielli, Photographer
Cristobal Venegas, Photographer
Cyril Zannettacci, Photographer
Dado Galdieri, Photojournalist
Dalal Mawad, Journalist
Dan Homewood, Photographer
Dana Ullman, Photographer
Dania Kamal Aryf, Journalist
Daniel Castro Garcia, Documentary Photographer
Daniel Ceng, Photographer
Daniel Etter, Photojournalist
Daniel Lovi, Documentary Photographer
Daniel Lyon, Photographer
Daniel Mesec, Journalist
Daniel Plafker, Journalist
Daniele Notaristefano, Photographer
Daniele Volpe, Photographer
Daniella Heminghaus, Photographer
Daniella Zalcman, Photojournalist
Danielle Khan Da Silva, Photographer
Danielle Mackey, Journalist
Danielle Scruggs, Photo Editor
Danielle Villasana, Photographer
Danielle Woodward, Journalist
Danny Alveal Aravena, Documentary Photographer
Danny Wilcox Frazier, Documentary Photographer
Dante Gastaldoni, Educator
Daphné Lemelin, Videographer
Daphnée Denis, Journalist
Darian Woehr, Filmmaker
Dario Bosio, Documentary Photographer
Daro Sulakauri, Photojournalist
Darren Agboh, Documentary Photographer
Darren Calabrese, Photographer
Darrin Zammit Lupi, Photojournalist
Daryaan McLeod, Educator
Dave Mayers, Visual Journalist
Dave Walsh, Photographer
David Arribas, Documentary Photographer
David Butow, Photographer
David Calvert, Photographer
David Escobar, Videographer
David Fucillo, Writer / Editor
David González, Photographer
David Guttenfelder, Photographer
David Julià, Photographer
David Kasnic, Photographer
David Kawai, Photographer
David Linuesa, Photographer
David Lombeida, Documentary Photographer
David Maurice Smith, Photographer
David Naval, Documentary Photographer
David Rodriguez Muñoz, Journalist
David Shaw, Photographer
David Stuart, Editor
David Walter Banks, Photographer
David Zlutnick, Filmmaker
Davide Curatola Soprana, Documentary Photographer
Davide Lemmi, Visual Journalist
Davide Limonta, Photographer
Davide Martoni, Photographer
Davide Monteleone, Photographer
Dawid Zieliński, Photographer
Dawn Marie Paley, Journalist
Dean Hutton, Photographer
Deirdre O’Shaughnessy, Writer / Editor
Demi Guo, Visual Journalist
Dena Takruri, Journalist
Derya Dogan, Journalist
Desiree Rios, Photographer
Destiny Mata, Photographer
Dexter Thomas, Journalist
Diambra Mariani, Photographer
Diana Elbasha, Writer / Editor
Diana Takacsova, Documentary Photographer
Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi, Photojournalist
Dicky Bisinglasi, Visual Journalist
Diego Bravo, Photographer
Diego Herrera Carcedo, Documentary Photographer
Diego Ibarra Sánchez, Documentary Photographer
Diego Lima, Photo Editor
Diego Osorno, Journalist
Diego Radamés, Photographer
Dijana Muminovic, Documentary Photographer
Dilan Gropengiesser, Journalist
Dimitri Beck, Photo Editor
Dimitri Bettoni, Journalist
Dimitrije Vasiljević, Photographer
Dimitris Kapantais, Photographer
Dimitris Papadakos, Photographer
Dimitris Sideridis, Documentary Photographer
Dina Gimanty, Photographer
Dina Oganova, Documentary Photographer
Dino Mahtani, Writer / Editor
Diogo Pereira , Filmmaker
Dipayan Bose, Visual Journalist
Doaa Nasr, Photographer
Doja Daoud, Writer / Editor
Dom Marker, Photographer
Dominic Bernard, Journalist
Dominick Mastrangelo, Visual Journalist
Dominika Baerova, Documentary Photographer
Dominique Van Heerden, Journalist
Dorian Ulises López Macías, Photographer
Doro Zinn, Documentary Photographer
Duncan Woodside, Writer / Editor
Durrie Bouscaren, Journalist
Dustin Chambers, Photographer
Dustin DeSoto, Journalist
Dustin Patar, Visual Journalist
Duygu Getiren, Documentary Photographer
Dylan Collins, Visual Journalist
Ebru Yildiz, Photographer
Ece Yavuz, Photographer
Ed Kashi, Photojournalist
Ed Ou, Visual Journalist
Ed Ram, Photojournalist
Edith Geuppert, Photographer
Edna Mohamed, Journalist
Edrien Esteves, Journalist
Eduardo Parra, Photographer
Edward Grattan, Photographer
Edwin Ndeke, Photographer
Edyra Geysha Espriella, Journalist
Efa Agzigüzel, Visual Journalist
Egberto Ras, Visual Journalist
Eka Nickmatulhuda, Documentary Photographer
Elaine Cromie, Visual Journalist
Elaisha Stokes, Filmmaker
Eleanor Moseman, Documentary Photographer
Eleftheria Kousta, Journalist
Elena Hermosa, Documentary Photographer
Elena Ledda, Journalist
Eli Cohen, Photo Editor
Eli Farinango, Photographer
Eli Moskowitz, Journalist
Eliane Dal Colleto, Journalist
Elif Öztürk, Photographer
Elijah Nouvelage, Photographer
Elisa Medde, Curator
Elise Blanchard, Photographer
Elise Coker, Filmmaker
Elise Kammerer, Documentary Photographer
Elizabeth Fitt, Photographer
Elizabeth Krist, Photo Editor
Elizabeth Zamora, Documentary Photographer
Ellen Dhaseleer, Photographer
Ellen Schmidt, Visual Journalist
Elliot Ross, Photographer
Elodie Toto, Journalist
Elodie Vialle, Journalist
Eloika Rozendaal, Educator
Eloisa d’Orsi, Documentary Photographer
Eloisa Lopez, Photographer
Eloy Alonso, Photographer
Elsie Haddad, Documentary Photographer
Elvira Angélica Rivera, Journalist
Emanuela Gioia, Journalist
Emanuele Satolli, Photojournalist
Emanuele Semplici, Photographer
Emile Bosch, Filmmaker
Emile Ducke, Documentary Photographer
Emiliano Mellino, Journalist
Emily Best, Journalist
Emily Garthwaite, Photojournalist
Emily Johnson, Journalist
Emily Nathan, Curator
Emily Pederson, Photographer
Emily Schiffer, Photographer
Emily Tan, Journalist
Emily Wither, Journalist
Emin Özmen, Photojournalist
Emine Ziyatdinova, Photo Editor
Emma Francis, Photographer
Emma Grima, Documentary Photographer
Emma Guliani, Photographer
Emma Jude Jackson, Photographer
Emmanuel Croset, Photographer
Emmanuel Guillén Lozano, Photographer
Emmanuel Ortiz, Documentary Photographer
Emory Harger, Visual Journalist
Emre Caylak, Documentary Photographer
Emrullah Gumus, Documentary Photographer
Enno Kapitza, Photographer
Enrico Dagnino, Photographer
Erdem Sahin, Visual Journalist
Eric Baradat, Photo Editor
Eric De Lavarene, Filmmaker
Eric Ginsburg, Journalist
Eric Gottesman, Photographer
Eric Lee, Photographer
Erick Dau, Photographer
Erik Messori, Photographer
Erika P. Rodríguez, Photographer
Erika Pineros, Visual Journalist
Erika Santelices, Visual Journalist
Eriko Noguchi, Journalist
Erin Blewett, Photographer
Erin Kirkland, Photographer
Erin O’Brien, Journalist
Erin Quinlan, Writer / Editor
Erin Siegal McIntyre, Writer / Editor
Erin Trieb, Photojournalist
Ernesto Benavides, Photographer
Esperanza Escribano, Journalist
Estheralice Lopez, Photographer
Etienne Bruce, Documentary Photographer
Eugenio Grosso, Documentary Photographer
Eva Filgueira, Photographer
Eva Lepiz, Documentary Photographer
Eva Oude Elferink, Journalist
Evan Peng, Journalist
Evelina Rönnbäck, Photographer
Evgeniy Maloletka, Photographer
Eyad Abou Kasem, Photographer
Ezra Acayan, Photographer
F. Dilek Yurdakul, Documentary Photographer
Fabian Fiechter, Photographer
Fabio Bucciarelli, Photojournalist
Fabio Castillo, Journalist
Fabio Cuttica, Photojournalist
Fabiola Ferrero, Documentary Photographer
Fabrice Mbonankira, Documentary Photographer
Fadel Senna, Photographer
Fahim Abed, Writer / Editor
Fanny Baye, Journalist
Farhiya Khalid, Journalist
Farida Indriastuti, Journalist
Farrah Fazal, Journalist
Fátima Martínez, Educator
Fatima Tuj Johora, Photographer
Fatma Esma Arslan Özdel, Journalist
Fausto Podavini, Documentary Photographer
Fayrouz Tawfik, Journalist
Federico Perruolo, Photographer
Federico Rios, Documentary Photographer
Felipe Abondano, Videographer
Felipe Beltrame, Documentary Photographer
Felipe Dana, Photographer
Félix Márquez, Photographer
Felizitas Hoffmann, Filmmaker
Femke Rotteveel, Curator
Ferhat Bouda, Photographer
Ferley Ospina, Photographer
Fernanda Prado Verčič, Photo Editor
Fernando Costa Netto, Writer / Editor
Fernando Faciole, Photographer
Fernando Morais, Journalist
Fernando Rodriguez Gonzalez, Photographer
Fernando Sánchez, Photographer
Filip Kraincanic, Photographer
Finbarr Bermingham, Journalist
Finbarr O’Reilly, Photojournalist
Fiona Lloyd-Davies, Filmmaker
Firman Firdaus, Writer / Editor
Flavia Fontana Giusti, Photographer
Flora Anderson, Writer / Editor
Florence Middleton, Photographer
Florian Sulzer, Documentary Photographer
Forest Simon, Photographer
Fotis Bakloris, Photographer
Francely Flores, Visual Journalist
Francesc Badia, Writer / Editor
Francesca Cicculli, Journalist
Francesca Ferretti, Writer / Editor
Francesca Magurno, Journalist
Francesco Anselmi, Documentary Photographer
Francesco Brembati, Documentary Photographer
Francesco Lastrucci, Documentary Photographer
Francesco Merlini, Photographer
Francesco Pistilli, Documentary Photographer
Francesco Santoro, Journalist
Francesco Viceconte, Photographer
Franchesca Bodnar, Educator
Francis Kokoroko, Visual Journalist
Francisco Melim, Documentary Photographer
Francisco Proner, Documentary Photographer
Francisco Seco, Photographer
Franciso Varela Barca, Photographer
Frank Andrews, Journalist
Frank Smyth, Journalist
Franziska Gilli, Visual Journalist
Franziska Grillmeier, Journalist
Frederic Lafargue, Photojournalist
Frederic Laouenan, Photo Editor
Frederic Noy, Documentary Photographer
Fredrik Bondesen, Filmmaker
Fredrik Lerneryd, Photographer
Freya Pratty, Journalist
Frida Egede, Photographer
Frido Claudino, Documentary Photographer
G Grinwald-Alves, Filmmaker
G-Jun Yam, Documentary Photographer
Gab Mejia, Photographer
Gabe Oatley, Journalist
Gabriel Allen, Journalist
Gabriel Bernard, Videographer
Gabriel Chaim, Filmmaker
Gabriel Eisenmeier, Photo Editor
Gabriel Melhado, Documentary Photographer
Gabriela Bhaskar, Photographer
Gabriele Tamborrelli, Photographer
Gabriella Demczuk, Photographer
Gabrielle Wanneh, Journalist
Gadjieva Madina, Documentary Photographer
Gael Turine, Documentary Photographer
Gaia Squarci, Photographer
Gary Knight, Photojournalist
Geeta Seshu, Writer / Editor
Gem Fletcher, Writer / Editor
Gena Steffens, Photographer
Geoffrey Mulwa Kaviti, Videographer
George Butler, Visual Journalist
George Henton, Filmmaker
Georgina Smith, Photographer
Gerald Bermúdez, Documentary Photographer
Gerardo Flores, Photographer
Giacomo d’Orlando, Documentary Photographer
Gian Marco Benedetto, Visual Journalist
Gianluca Lanciai, Photographer
Gianmarco Di Costanzo, Documentary Photographer
Gianni Bulacio, Photographer
Gihad Darwish, Videographer
Giles Clarke, Photographer
Gin Majka, Photographer
Ginnette Riquelme Quezada, Photographer
Gisele Martins, Photographer
Giuliano Salvatore, Documentary Photographer
Giulio Piscitelli, Photographer
Giuseppe Bertuccio D’Angelo, Filmmaker
Giuseppe Nucci, Documentary Photographer
Glenna Gordon, Photographer
Glorianna Ximendaz, Documentary Photographer
Go Nakamura, Photographer
Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro, Documentary Photographer
Gonzalo Carrillo, Writer / Editor
Gopika Ajay, Visual Journalist
Gordon Torr, Writer / Editor
Grace Del Vecchio, Writer / Editor
Grace Kassab, Photo Editor
Gracelynne West, Journalist
Grant Flanagan, Documentary Photographer
Grant Fleming, Photographer
Grant Hindsley, Photographer
Grayson Gemmiti, Photographer
Greg Campbell, Journalist
Greg Constantine, Documentary Photographer
Greg Hatton, Documentary Photographer
Greg Kahn, Photographer
Greg Marinovich, Visual Journalist
Greta Rico, Documentary Photographer
Greta Rybus, Photographer
Grey Moran, Journalist
Groana Melendez, Photographer
Guillaume Darribau, Documentary Photographer
Guillaume Pajot, Journalist
Guillaume Petermann, Photographer
Guillem Sartorio, Documentary Photographer
Gustav Aronson, Photographer
Guy Oron, Journalist
Guy Peterson, Photographer
Hadeer Mahmoud, Photographer
Hailey Sadler, Photographer
Halima Athumani, Journalist
Hami Roshan, Documentary Photographer
Hamza Kyeyune, Writer / Editor
Hanan Chemlali Rosendal, Journalist
Hanin Haidar Ahmad, Visual Journalist
Hanna Jarzabek, Documentary Photographer
Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz, Documentary Photographer
Hannah Beier, Photographer
Hannah Reyes Morales, Photographer
Hannah Saunders, Journalist
Hannah Storm, Organisation
Hannah Yoon, Photojournalist
Hanneke van Leeuwen, Photographer
Harriet Logan, Photographer
Harsha Pandav, Photographer
Harsha Vadlamani, Photographer
Hassan Akkad, Filmmaker
Havva Zorlu, Photographer
Haydar Tastan, Filmmaker
Heather Gies, Writer / Editor
Heather Tichowitsch, Documentary Photographer
Heba Elkholy, Photographer
Heba Elorbany, Journalist
Heba Mansour, Photographer
Hector Álvarez, Videographer
Heidi Pett, Journalist
Heike Rost, Documentary Photographer
Helen Morgan, Journalist
Helena Lea Manhartsberger, Visual Journalist
Hélène Franchineau, Visual Journalist
Helia Scheppa, Photographer
Helynn Ospina, Photographer
Hendra Eka, Photographer
Henrietta Walmark, Writer / Editor
Herman Grech, Writer / Editor
Hervé Bossy, Journalist
Heydon Prowse, Filmmaker
Hidenori Tajima, Writer / Editor
Hilary Swift, Photojournalist
Holly Pickett, Visual Journalist
Hossein Fatemi, Documentary Photographer
Hrag Vartanian, Writer / Editor
Hunter Williamson, Journalist
Hüseyin Hüseyin Kılınç, Journalist
Hussam Hammoud, Journalist
Hussein Chaabane, Journalist
Huyen-Trang Ha, Photographer
Iako Randrianarivelo, Documentary Photographer
Ian Allen, Photographer
Ian Cheibub, Documentary Photographer
Ian Teh, Documentary Photographer
Ian Willms, Documentary Photographer
Ibrahim Zayat, Journalist
Idhir Baha, Documentary Photographer
Idris Mohammed, Journalist
Ignacio Rodríguez, Photographer
Igor Chekachkov, Photographer
Igor Martiniouk, Photographer
Ikmaliah Idi, Writer / Editor
Ilaria Di Biagio, Photographer
Ilaria Lazzarini, Photographer
Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi, Photographer
Ildefonso González, Journalist
Ilham Rawoot, Journalist
Iliana Papangeli, Journalist
Ilse Van Bouchout, Photographer
Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Photojournalist
Iman Aldabbagh, Documentary Photographer
Imane Djamil, Photographer
Inaê Coutinho, Educator
Inbar Preiss, Journalist
Ines Gil, Journalist
Inês Ventura, Photographer
Ingrid Loeng, Educator
Iona Craig, Journalist
Iona Dutz, Photographer
Ionuț Trandafirescu, Curator
Ippolito Simion, Filmmaker
Iqbal Lubis, Documentary Photographer
Irina Leontjeva, Documentary Photographer
Irina Unruh, Documentary Photographer
Isa Leshko, Photographer
Isa Terli, Photographer
Isaac Kwame Dakae Teye, Journalist
Isaac Scott, Photographer
Isabel Bonnet, Visual Journalist
Isabel Sanginés Franco, Documentary Photographer
Isabella Falsetti, Visual Journalist
Isabella Finholdt, Photographer
Isabella Gomes, Journalist
Isadora Romero, Documentary Photographer
Isidoro Rodriguez, Journalist
Islam Safwat, Photographer
Ismail Ferdous, Photographer
Ismario Rodríguez Pérez, Videographer
Ivan Brehaut, Journalist
Ivan Kashinsky, Photographer
Ivan Romano, Documentary Photographer
Ivan Sigal, Photographer
Ivor Prickett, Photojournalist
Izzy Ross, Journalist
Izzy Sasada, Journalist
J. Genevieve, Photographer
J. Matt, Visual Journalist
J.B. Russell, Photographer
Jack Hewson, Journalist
Jack Otieno, Writer / Editor
Jack Sciacca, Photographer
Jack Tran, Photographer
Jackie May, Writer / Editor
Jackie Molloy, Photographer
Jacob Kushner, Journalist
Jacob Sierra, Educator
Jacqueline Muniello, Photographer
Jacqueline Soohen, Filmmaker
Jagoda Grondecka, Journalist
Jagoda Lasota, Photographer
Jaime Borschuk, Photographer
Jaime Culebras, Photographer
Jaime Galindo, Photographer
Jaime Villanueva, Photographer
Jake Lloyd Jones, Filmmaker
Jake Price, Filmmaker
Jake Woodier, Writer / Editor
Jalen Wright, Photographer
Jamal Rayyis, Writer / Editor
Jan Tångring, Writer / Editor
Jane Arraf, Journalist
Jane Willsie, Writer / Editor
Janet Jarman, Documentary Photographer
Janine di Giovanni, Journalist
Jannik Läkamp, Journalist
Jannike Bergh, Writer / Editor
Jared Goyette, Writer / Editor
Jasleen Kaur Sethi, Filmmaker
Jason Florio, Photographer
Jason Motlagh, Journalist
Jason Parkinson, Videographer
Jason Patinkin, Journalist
Jason Tanaka Blaney, Photographer
Javi Julio, Photographer
Javier Alvarez, Photographer
Javier Antonio Espinosa Robles, Journalist
Javier Cebollada, Photographer
Javier Etxezarreta, Photographer
Javier Garcia, Documentary Photographer
Jaya Saxena, Writer / Editor
Jayme Kaye Gershen, Photographer
Jeanie Finlay, Filmmaker
Jeanne Frank, Photographer
Jeanne Mercier, Journalist
Jeb Banegas, Filmmaker
Jeff Cheung, Journalist
Jeff Ducharme, Educator
Jeff Enlow, Photographer
Jeff Kennel, Visual Journalist
Jeff Swensen, Photographer
Jeje Mohamed, Journalist
Jelena Radivojević, Journalist
Jelle Krings, Documentary Photographer
Jen Marlowe, Journalist
Jenne Jan Holtland, Journalist
Jennie Kamin, Journalist
Jennifer Hattam, Journalist
Jennifer Huxta, Photographer
Jennifer Nadel, Writer / Editor
Jennifer Ngo, Journalist
Jennifer Ortiz, Photographer
Jeremy Lindenfeld, Journalist
Jeremy Piper, Documentary Photographer
Jerome Delay, Photojournalist
Jes Aznar, Visual Journalist
Jesse Winter, Photographer
Jessica Bateman, Journalist
Jessica Karins, Journalist
Jessica Lee, Visual Journalist
Jessica Lim, Curator
Jessica Murray, Educator
Jessie Williams, Journalist
Jesus Carlos de Lucena Costa, Documentary Photographer
Jill Langlois, Journalist
Jill Webb, Journalist
Jillian Mitchell, Photographer
Jim Goldberg, Photographer
Jim Lafferty, Photographer
Jimmy Domingo, Visual Journalist
Jimmy Donelan, Photographer
Jo Ellison, Writer / Editor
Jo Munnik, Filmmaker
Joan Gálvez, Documentary Photographer
Joana Meneses, Photographer
Joanie Tobin, Videographer
Joanna Demarco, Photographer
Joanna Schaus, Documentary Photographer
Joao Angerino, Photographer
Joao Kulcsar, Educator
Joao Pina, Photojournalist
Joaquín Gómez Sastre, Documentary Photographer
Joce R, Educator
Jocelyn Bain Hogg, Documentary Photographer
Jodie Ginsberg, Journalist
Joe Galvin, Journalist
Joe Van Eeckhout, Filmmaker
Johan Carlberg, Photographer
Johan Hallberg-Campbell, Photographer
Johanna Wallin, Writer / Editor
Johanna-Maria Fritz , Photographer
Johanne Lila Larsen, Journalist
Johanne Rahaman, Documentary Photographer
Johannes Berg, Photographer
John De los Ríos, Videographer
John Gibler, Journalist
John Moore, Photographer
John Stanmeyer, Photojournalist
John Trotter, Documentary Photographer
John Tully, Visual Journalist
John W. Bateman, Writer / Editor
John Wessels, Photographer
Johnny Milano, Documentary Photographer
Jon Farina, Visual Journalist
Jon Stegenga, Visual Journalist
Jon Swain, Journalist
Jon Williams, Journalist
Jonas Bendiksen, Photographer
Jonathan Fontaine, Documentary Photographer
Jonathan Krohn, Writer / Editor
Jonathan M. Katz, Journalist
Jonathan Rashad, Photojournalist
Jonny Wrate, Journalist
Jordan Gale, Photographer
Jordan Semanick, Photographer
Jordan Vonderhaar, Documentary Photographer
Jordi Ruiz Cirera, Documentary Photographer
Jorge Contreras, Photographer
Jorge Villalpando, Visual Journalist
José Colón, Documentary Photographer
Jose Luis Cuesta, Photographer
José Manuel López, Photographer
José Manuel Teixeira, Photographer
José Miguel Marco, Documentary Photographer
Jose Monsieur Santos, Photographer
Jose Sarmento Matos, Documentary Photographer
Josephine Molavi, Visual Journalist
Joshua Best, Documentary Photographer
Joshua Carroll, Writer / Editor
Joshua Kucera, Journalist
Josue Leandro Delgado, Documentary Photographer
Jovelle Tamayo, Visual Journalist
Joy Dorsey, Educator
Joy Kim, Photographer
Joyantee Reza, Photographer
Juan Antonio Pérez Vela, Photographer
Juan Arredondo, Visual Journalist
Juan Carlos Cardenas Pla, Photographer
Juan Carlos Orozco Velásquez, Videographer
Juan Carlos, Documentary Photographer
Juan Diego Reyes, Documentary Photographer
Juan Glassford, Documentary Photographer
Juan León, Journalist
Juan Luis Rod, Photographer
Juan Menéndez, Photographer
Juan Peces, Journalist
Juancho Torres, Photographer
Juanita Ceballos, Visual Journalist
Judah Townsend, Photographer
Judit Neurink, Journalist
Judith Matloff, Writer / Editor
Judith Prat, Documentary Photographer
Judy Walgren, Educator
Julia Dolce, Journalist
Julia Kochetova, Photographer
Julia Lindau, Filmmaker
Julia Lindblom, Journalist
Julia Neumann, Journalist
Julia Steers, Journalist
Julia Wall, Visual Journalist
Julia Zettel, Filmmaker
Julian Busch, Journalist
Julian Daum, Journalist
Julian Rigg, Photographer
Julian Sayarer, Writer / Editor
Juliana Alves, Photographer
Juliana Mori, Journalist
Juliane Herrmann, Photographer
Julie Delzescaux, Photographer
Julie Winokur, Visual Journalist
Julien Goldstein, Photographer
Juliette Rengeval, Journalist
Julius Matuschik, Documentary Photographer
Julysa Sosa, Photographer
Jumadil Awal, Documentary Photographer
Jungho Kim, Photographer
Juraj Mravec, Documentary Photographer
Jurnasyanto Sukarno, Photographer
Justin Cook, Photographer
Justin J Wee, Photographer
Justin Makangara, Documentary Photographer
Justin Olivier Salhani, Journalist
Justin Stewart, Visual Journalist
K M Asad, Documentary Photographer
K. D. Moore, Videographer
Kadir van Lohuizen, Visual Journalist
Kadiya Qasem, Photographer
Kagweni Micheni, Journalist
Kamal Badhey, Documentary Photographer
Kang-Chun Cheng, Visual Journalist
Kara Frame, Visual Journalist
Karabo M, Photographer
Karah Shaffer, Curator
Karan Deep Singh, Visual Journalist
Karapet Sahakyan, Photographer
Karel Prinsloo, Photojournalist
Karen Hedegaard, Visual Journalist
Karen Skloss, Filmmaker
Karene-Isabelle Jean-Baptiste, Photographer
Karim Ben Khelifa, Photographer
Karim McCatty, Educator
Karin Schimke, Journalist
Karina Iliescu, Documentary Photographer
Karina Shedrofsky, Journalist
Karine LaRocque, Photographer
Karl Mancini, Documentary Photographer
Karol Ilagan, Journalist
Karol Noroña, Journalist
Karsten Jannicke, Photographer
Karthika Namboothiri, Journalist
Kartishma Vyas, Journalist
Kasper Løftgaard, Documentary Photographer
Kassim Adinasi, Journalist
Kate Van Doren, Documentary Photographer
Kate Warren, Photographer
Katherine Delgadillo, Photographer
Katherine Emery, Photographer
Katherine Sullivan, Journalist
Kathleen Flynn, Visual Journalist
Kathrine Meyer Jørgensen, Journalist
Kathryn Humphries, Photo Editor
Kathryn Styer Martínez, Journalist
Kathryn Taylor, Writer / Editor
Kathy Tu, Journalist
Katie Baldwin Basile, Visual Journalist
Katie King, Journalist
Katie Krzaczek, Writer / Editor
Katie Orlinsky, Photographer
Katrin Kleemann, Filmmaker
Katrina Ward, Documentary Photographer
Katrine Dige Houmøller, Journalist
Katy Fallon, Journalist
Katy Olson, Writer / Editor
Kazuma Obara, Documentary Photographer
Keanan Kipp, Educator
Keenan Newman, Filmmaker
Keerti Gopal, Journalist
Keith Ramsey, Photographer
Kelli Duncan, Journalist
Kelly Allison, Photographer
Kelsey Brunner, Visual Journalist
Ken Harper, Educator
Kendal Blust, Journalist
Kendrick Brinson, Photographer
Kent Harkness, Photographer
Kent Nishimura, Photographer
Kevin Frayer, Photographer
Kevin McElvaney, Visual Journalist
Khadija Farah, Photographer
Khalil Hamra, Photographer
Khary Mason, Educator
Khatia Nikabadze, Documentary Photographer
Khaula Jamil, Documentary Photographer
Kholood Eid, Photojournalist
Kia Rastar, Photo Editor
Kiana Hayeri, Photojournalist
Kike Arnal, Photographer
Kiki Febriyanti, Filmmaker
Kiliii Yuyan, Photographer
Kim Ludbrook, Visual Journalist
Kim Oppermann, Photographer
Kimberly dela Cruz, Photographer
Kimberly Soenen, Photographer
Kine Michelle Bruniera, Photographer
Kira Walker, Journalist
Kiran Nazish, Journalist
Kirsten Han, Writer / Editor
Kit Roane, Journalist
Kitty (Maria Cristina) Paranaguá, Photographer
Kobi Wolf, Photographer
Koert Lindijer, Journalist
Konrad Żurawowicz, Photographer
Kosuke Okahara, Photographer
Kris Vera-Phillips, Journalist
Kristen Harrison, Photographer
Kristen Walsh, Photo Editor
Kristian Lindhardt, Journalist
Kristian Tuxen Ladegaard Berg, Documentary Photographer
Kristin Jones, Journalist
Kristina Barker, Photographer
Kristina Sumfleth, Photographer
Kristine Nyborg, Photographer
Krystal Campbell, Photographer
Ksenia Kuleshova, Documentary Photographer
Kushanava Choudhury, Writer / Editor
Laetitia Vançon, Photographer
Laila Ben Allal, Journalist
Laila Sieber, Journalist
Lam Vo, Writer / Editor
Lamece Abdul Ghani, Journalist
Lara Dihmis, Journalist
Lara Huck, Photo Editor
Larry Monserate Piojo, Photographer
Larry Towell, Photographer
Lars Lindemann, Curator
Laura Aldana, Photographer
Laura Beltrán Villamizar, Photo Editor
Laura Carnemolla, Curator
Laura Covelli, Curator
Laura De Chiclana, Journalist
Laura Díaz Ortiz, Educator
Laura Gomez Rodriguez, Writer / Editor
Laura Goodfield, Journalist
Laura Kasinof, Writer / Editor
Laura Larmo, Photographer
Laura Liverani, Documentary Photographer
Laura Menassa, Documentary Photographer
Laura Proctor, Visual Journalist
Laura Quintero, Journalist
Laura Restrepo Ortega, Writer / Editor
Laura Roumanos, Curator
Laura Salvinelli, Photographer
Laura Saunders, Documentary Photographer
Laura Staugaitis, Writer / Editor
Lauren Crothers, Photographer
Lauren Kallen, Photographer
Lauren Petracca, Photographer
Lauren Walsh, Educator
Laurence Butet-Roch, Educator
Laurence Geai, Photographer
Laurent richard, Journalist
Lazar Novakovic, Documentary Photographer
Lazar Simeonov, Photographer
Lea Mandana, Documentary Photographer
Léa Masseguin, Journalist
Léa Peruchon, Journalist
Lee-Ann Olwage, Documentary Photographer
Lefteris Pitarakis, Visual Journalist
Leila Jinkings, Documentary Photographer
Lekgetho Makola, Curator
Lela Beltrão, Photographer
Lemogang Moitaletsi, Photo Editor
Lena Bjurström, Journalist
Lena Giovanazzi, Photographer
Lena Mucha, Documentary Photographer
Lene Froeslev, Journalist
Leon Kirschgens, Journalist
Leon McCarron, Journalist
Leonardo Antonio Avezzano, Filmmaker
Lesia Maruschak, Photographer
Leslie Moreno Custodio, Photographer
Lexey Swall, Photographer
Lexi Parra, Photographer
Leyla Mustafayeva, Journalist
Liam Kennedy, Documentary Photographer
Liam O’Hare, Filmmaker
Liam Taylor, Journalist
Liani MK, Journalist
Lianne Milton, Documentary Photographer
Libby March, Visual Journalist
Lidia Ginestra Giuffrida, Journalist
Lidwine Kervella, Photo Editor
Lilit Shahverdyan, Journalist
Lillian Clark, Journalist
Lily Landes, Photographer
Lily Mayers, Journalist
Lina Taghy, Journalist
Linda Bournane Engelberth, Photographer
Lindsay Talley, Photographer
Lindsey Leger, Videographer
Linus Sundahl-Djerf, Photographer
Lisa Brunzell, Photographer
Lisa Foust Prater, Journalist
Lisa Kahane, Documentary Photographer
Lisa Krantz, Visual Journalist
Lisa Marie David, Photographer
Lisa Murray, Photographer
Liv Latricia Habel, Photographer
Livio Senigalliesi, Photographer
Liz Cookman , Writer / Editor
Liz Cookman, Writer / Editor
Liz Gilbert, Photographer
Liz Loh-Taylor, Visual Journalist
Liz Miller Kovacs, Photographer
Lizbeth Hernández, Photographer
Lokman Akkaya, Videographer
Lorenzo Tugnoli, Photographer
Loubna Anaki, Journalist
Louis Bockner, Documentary Photographer
Louis Witter, Journalist
Louisa Gouliamaki, Photographer
Luca Antonio Dante Meola, Photographer
Luca Locatelli, Documentary Photographer
Luca Prizia, Visual Journalist
Luca Rocco, Educator
Lucas Neves, Photographer
Lucía Blanco, Journalist
Lucia Blasco, Journalist
Lucía Palomo, Journalist
Luciana Berlese, Photographer
Luciana Julião, Journalist
Luciana Rosa, Journalist
Lucien Lung, Photographer
Lucila (Lucy) Baptiste, Photographer
Lucila Ramos, Photographer
Lucy Fulford, Journalist
Lucy Lu, Photographer
Lucy Nash, Journalist
Luis Antonio Rojas, Documentary Photographer
Luis Bernardo Cano, Documentary Photographer
Luís Silvério, Photographer
Luis Sol, Journalist
Luis Tato, Photographer
Luisa Cabello, Journalist
Luisa Dörr, Photographer
Luiz Baltar, Documentary Photographer
Luiza Duarte, Journalist
Luján Agusti, Documentary Photographer
Luke Dray, Photographer
Luke Icenhour, Photographer
Luludi Melo, Photographer
Luna De Bartolo, Journalist
Luz Rosas, Photographer
Lydia Aguirre, Journalist
Lynn Rios, Photographer
Lynzy Billing, Journalist
Lyonne Pichen, Photographer
M. Scott Brauer, Photographer
M’hammed Kilito, Documentary Photographer
Mabel Evans, Filmmaker
Maciek Musialek, Photographer
Maciek Nabrdalik, Photographer
Madeleine Bazil, Filmmaker
Madeleine Hordinski, Documentary Photographer
Madeline Gray, Photographer
Mads Nissen, Documentary Photographer
Mady Camara, Journalist
Magali Lesauvage, Journalist
Magda Gad, Journalist
Magdalena Chodownik, Journalist
Maggie Freleng, Journalist
Maggie Shannon, Photographer
Maggie Steber, Photographer
Mahka Eslami, Documentary Photographer
Mai Saki, Photographer
Maíra Erlich, Photographer
Maja De Cort, Educator
Maja Hitij, Photographer
Majid Saeedi, Documentary Photographer
Malcolm Webb, Journalist
Malik Rainey, Documentary Photographer
Mana Meadows, Photographer
Mani Benchelah, Filmmaker
Manu Brabo, Photojournalist
Manuel Dorati, Photographer
Manuela Soldi, Photographer
Maranie Staab, Visual Journalist
Marc Herman, Journalist
Marc Saint-Sauve, Photographer
Marcel Mettelsiefen, Filmmaker
Marcel van der Steen, Journalist
Marcela Turati, Writer / Editor
Marcello Pastonesi, Visual Journalist
Marcelo Brodsky, Photographer
Marcelo Perez del Carpio, Photographer
Marcelo Soubhia, Photographer
Marco Alpozzi, Documentary Photographer
Marco Balostro, Photographer
Marco Casino, Documentary Photographer
Marco Pinna, Journalist
Marco Zorzanello, Photographer
Marcos León, Photographer
Marcos Villaoslada, Photographer
Margaux Solinas, Journalist
Margie Burin, Journalist
Margot Kiser, Journalist
Maria Abranches, Documentary Photographer
Maria Bartola Mejia, Photographer
Maria Camilla Brunetti, Journalist
Maria de los Angeles Cardona, Educator
Maria Elena Scandaliato, Journalist
María Jesús Lillo, Journalist
María Magdalena Arréllaga, Photojournalist
Maria Miret, Journalist
Maria Sturm, Photographer
María Teresa Montaño, Journalist
Maria Weyne, Writer / Editor
María Yolanda Delgado, Educator
Mariam Elba, Journalist
Mariam Elsayeh Ibrahim, Journalist
Mariana Somensi, Journalist
Mariana van Zeller, Journalist
Marianna McMurdock, Photographer
Mariano Burattini Crispino, Videographer
Marie Magnin, Photographer
Marie Tihon, Documentary Photographer
Mariel Mueller, Journalist
Marielle Scott, Visual Journalist
Marika Kochiashvili, Photographer
Marina Rafenberg, Writer / Editor
Marina Sardiña, Journalist
Marine Caleb, Journalist
Mario Cruz, Photographer
Marion Joly, Photographer
Marion Péhée, Photographer
Marius Åmbakk Bjørkedal, Journalist
Mariusz Śmiejek, Documentary Photographer
Mariya Lavrova, Visual Journalist
Marjan Yazdi, Documentary Photographer
Mark Camilleri, Writer / Editor
Mark McEvoy, Documentary Photographer
Mark Power, Photographer
Mark Taylor-Canfield, Journalist
Marko Djurica, Visual Journalist
Marko Drobnjaković, Documentary Photographer
Markus Seewald, Photo Editor
Marlena Sloss, Photographer
Marlene Bergamo, Documentary Photographer
Marley Nichelle, Photographer
Marloes Daamen, Writer / Editor
Marlon Paez Morales, Journalist
Marsha McLeod, Journalist
Marta Iwanek, Photographer
Marta Maroto, Journalist
Marta Mateu Méndez, Photographer
Marta Saiz, Journalist
Marta Silvia Viganò, Journalist
Marta Vidal, Journalist
Martha Tadesse, Photographer
Martí Benach, Journalist
Martin Goillandeau, Journalist
Martin Lom, Journalist
Martin Miklas, Photographer
Martin Patricio Barrios, Photographer
Martin Reis, Documentary Photographer
Martin Thomas Ford, Visual Journalist
Martino Lombezzi, Photographer
Marvellous Durowaiye, Documentary Photographer
Mary Kang, Photographer
Marylise Vigneau, Documentary Photographer
“Masayuki Ibe, Journalist”
Mašenjka Bačić, Journalist
Masha Borak, Journalist
Masrat Zahra, Visual Journalist
Massimo Berruti, Documentary Photographer
Massinissa Benlakehal, Journalist
Mathias Depardon, Photographer
Mathias Sallit, Journalist
Mathilde Penchinat, Editor
Matjaz Krivic, Photographer
Matt Adams, Writer / Editor
Matt McKnight, Visual Journalist
Matt Rowland Hill, Writer / Editor
Matteo Fagotto, Journalist
Matteo Marsalli, Photographer
Matteo Placucci, Photographer
Matteo Secci, Documentary Photographer
Matteo Trevisan, Documentary Photographer
Matthew Abbott, Photojournalist
Matthew Agius, Journalist
Matthew Caruana Galizia, Journalist
Matthew Hatcher, Photographer
Matthew Ponsford, Journalist
Matthieu Paley, Photographer
Mattia Marzorati, Photographer
Mattia Vacca, Documentary Photographer
Mauricio Lima, Photographer
Mauricio Monteiro Filho, Filmmaker
Mauricio Torres, Documentary Photographer
Maurizio Gjivovich, Documentary Photographer
Mauro Ujetto, Documentary Photographer
Max Mason-Hubers, Visual Journalist
Max Zander, Journalist
Maxim Badikov, Photo Editor
Maxim Dondyuk, Documentary Photographer
May Jeong, Journalist
Maya Alleruzzo, Photographer
Maysun, Visual Journalist
Mayte Fernández, Filmmaker
Mayya Kelova, Photographer
Meadow Treadwell, Photographer
Medford Taylor, Photographer
Meg Dalton, Journalist
Megan Buskey, Writer / Editor
Megan McKee, Educator
Meghan Dhaliwal, Photographer
Meha Desai, Documentary Photographer
Mehdi Ghasemi, Photographer
Mehmet Futsi, Journalist
Mehmet Kaman, Photographer
Meir Chaimowitz, Photographer
Mel D Cole, Photographer
Mélanie Gouby, Journalist
Melanie Wenger, Photojournalist
Melina Borčak, Journalist
Melina Hammer, Photographer
Melissa Bunni Elian, Visual Journalist
Meltem Temiz, Photo Editor
Meng Dong, Journalist
Mennatalah Khaled, Photographer
Mercedes Menendez, Photographer
Merja Määttänen, Journalist
Meron Menghistab, Photographer
Mert Cengiz, Journalist
Merve Iseri, Visual Journalist
Mette Lampcov, Documentary Photographer
Meysa Medeiros, Photographer
Micah Green, Documentary Photographer
Michael Adams, Journalist
Michael Bednar, Documentary Photographer
michael Bunel, Photographer
Michael Downey, Videographer
Michael Eko, Documentary Photographer
Michael Nelson, Documentary Photographer
Michael Nigro, Documentary Photographer
Michael Swensen, Photographer
Michael Young, Photographer
Michaela Skovranova, Photojournalist
Michaela Vatcheva, Photographer
Michele Abercrombie, Photo Editor
Michele Cirillo, Documentary Photographer
Michele Dooley, Educator
Michele Pavana, Photographer
Michele Sibiloni, Photographer
Michele Spatari, Photographer
Michelle Baker, Visual Journalist
Michelle Begue, Visual Journalist
Michelle Tolson, Writer / Editor
Miguela Xuereb, Visual Journalist
Mikaela Martin, Documentary Photographer
Mikail Malik, Journalist
Mikayla Whitmore, Photographer
Mike Onyiego, Filmmaker
Mike Shum, Filmmaker
Mikel Konate, Visual Journalist
Miki Nemoto, Curator
Milena Mikael-Debass, Journalist
Milena Peillon, Journalist
Milos Bicanski, Documentary Photographer
Minel Abaz, Journalist
Miora Rajaonary, Documentary Photographer
Miriam Alarcón Avila, Photographer
Mithila Jariwala, Photographer
Moacyr Oliveira Filho, Journalist
Mohad Aruqi, Writer / Editor
Mohamed Sadek, Photographer
Mohammad Kotb, Photographer
Mohammad Reza Gemi Omandi, Documentary Photographer
Mohammed Nammoor, Documentary Photographer
Moira Jeffrey, Writer / Editor
Moises Saman, Photographer
Molly Blackall, Journalist
Molly Condit, Documentary Photographer
Molly O’Toole, Journalist
Molly Peters, Photographer
Molly Raskin, Journalist
molly roberts, Visual Journalist
Momoko Takahashi, Writer / Editor
Mônica Maia, Photo Editor
Mônica Nunes de Azevedo, Journalist
Mônica Zarattini, Documentary Photographer
Monisha Rajesh, Journalist
Morteza Nikoubazl, Journalist
Mostafa Al-A’sar, Journalist
Mstyslav Chernov, Filmmaker
Mughira al-Sharif, Filmmaker
Muhammad Barir, Writer / Editor
Muhammad Fadli, Documentary Photographer
Muhammad Farhan Osman, Documentary Photographer
Muhammad Khattak, Filmmaker
Muhammed Selim Korkutata, Photographer
Mukelwa Hlatshwayo, Journalist
Murat Çiçek, Documentary Photographer
Murat Kocabas, Photographer
Murat Sengul, Documentary Photographer
Murat Türemis, Documentary Photographer
Muriel Marondel, Writer / Editor
Murphy Woodhouse, Journalist
Mustafa Hussain, Photographer
Mustafa Mirza, Filmmaker
Mwangi Maina, Journalist
Myriam Boulos, Photographer
Myrtille Beauvert, Journalist
N’Deane Helajzen, Documentary Photographer
Nabil Boutros, Photographer
Nada El Kurdi, Journalist
Nada El Sawy, Journalist
Nadège Mazars, Photographer
Nadia Al-Madani, Photographer
Nadia Shira Cohen, Photographer
Nadine Talaat, Writer / Editor
Nadja Drost, Journalist
Nadja Peregrino, Curator
Naima Elisa Mancini, Photo Editor
Nana Moraes, Photographer
Nancy Forde, Documentary Photographer
Nanna Heitmann, Documentary Photographer
Nariman El-Mofty, Photojournalist
Nasrah Omar, Photographer
Nastassia Kantorowicz , Documentary Photographer
Natalia Alana, Photographer
Natalia Favre, Photographer
Natalia Scarabotto, Journalist
Natalie Behring, Photographer
Natalie Goyarzu, Journalist
Natalie Keyssar, Photojournalist
Natalie Naccache, Documentary Photographer
Natalija Gormalova, Photographer
Natalya Saprunova, Documentary Photographer
Natasha Bowler, Visual Journalist
Nate Gowdy, Photographer
Nathalie Bertrams, Documentary Photographer
Nathalie Mohadjer, Photographer
Nathalie Weatherald, Journalist
Nathan Jaccard, Journalist
Nathan Lemin, Journalist
Nathaniel Ansbach, Filmmaker
Nathaniel Wilder, Photographer
Nawal AlTimimi, Photographer
Nazli Zeynep Karabulut, Journalist
Nebojša Vučinić, Journalist
Neha Thirani Bagri, Journalist
Neil Ambion, Journalist
Neil Brandvold, Filmmaker
Neil Shea, Journalist
Nelson Almeida, Photojournalist
Nelson Antoine, Photographer
Neo Ntsoma, Educator
Nestor Rial, Photographer
Netty Richards, Visual Journalist
Nica Guerrero, Documentary Photographer
Nichlas Pollier, Visual Journalist
Nicholas Frakes, Journalist
Nichole Sobecki, Photographer
Nick Hagen, Photographer
Nick Hannes, Documentary Photographer
Nick Paleologos, Photographer
Nicola Frioli, Documentary Photographer
Nicola Guaita, Videographer
Nicola Longobardi, Documentary Photographer
Nicola Spurr, Writer / Editor
Nicola Zolin, Documentary Photographer
Nicolas Cortes, Photographer
Nicolás García, Videographer
Nicolas Mathys, Photographer
Nicole Craine, Photographer
Nicole Meilak, Journalist
Nicole Tung, Photographer
Nicole Zepter, Journalist
Nicolò Filippo Rosso, Photographer
Nicolo Vincenzo Malvestuto, Visual Journalist
Nikita Payusov, Documentary Photographer
Nikki Allen, Writer / Editor
Nikki Greene, Photographer
Nikol Mudrová, Journalist
Nikolaj Houmann Mortensen, Journalist
Nikolas Kokovlis, Photographer
Nimet Kıraç, Journalist
Nina Berman, Documentary Photographer
Nina Hubinet, Journalist
Nina Riggio, Visual Journalist
Nina Robinson, Documentary Photographer
Nina Strand, Writer / Editor
Nina Strochlic, Journalist
Nipah Dennis, Visual Journalist
Noé Michalon, Journalist
Nora Lorek, Documentary Photographer
Nora Teylouni, Photographer
Nora Wesson, Journalist
Noreen Nasir , Videographer
Nourane Bouadjila, Photographer
Nourhan Elkallawy, Journalist
Nur Dogan, Journalist
Nuria Cabrera Sancho, Journalist
Nyasha Kadandara, Filmmaker
Nyimas Laula, Visual Journalist
O-Young Kwon, Documentary Photographer
Oana Moisil, Journalist
Odalys Troya Flores, Journalist
Oksana Parafeniuk, Photographer
Olaf Siebert, Photographer
Oleksandra Yefymenko, Journalist
Olesya Emelyanova, Photo Editor
Olga Loginova, Journalist
Olga Rodríguez, Journalist
Olga Victorie, Photo Editor
Oliver Farry, Journalist
Oliver Marsden, Journalist
Olivia Acland, Journalist
Olivia Arthur, Photographer
Olivia Obineme, Journalist
Olivia Rousset, Journalist
Olivia Samnick, Journalist
Olivia Snaije, Journalist
Olivier Jobard, Photographer
Olivier Laban-Mattei, Documentary Photographer
Olivier Thebaud, Photographer
Omar Havana, Photographer
Omar Marques, Photographer
Omar Sfeir, Photographer
Onur Doğman, Photographer
Opheli Garcia Lawler, Writer / Editor
Oriane Flechaire, Journalist
Orkhan Mammad, Journalist
Orlando Barría, Photojournalist
Oscar B. Castillo, Documentary Photographer
Osman Khayyam, Documentary Photographer
Ovidio Gonzalez Soler, Photographer
Owen Holdaway, Visual Journalist
Ozan Acıdere, Photographer
Ozan Emre Oktay, Photographer
Özge Elif Kızıl, Photographer
Özge Sebzeci, Documentary Photographer
Pablo Blázquez Domínguez, Photographer
Pablo García Sacristán, Photographer
Pablo Moraga, Journalist
Pablo Rivera, Photographer
Paige Eichkorn, Journalist
Pako Pimienta, Photographer
Paloma Dupont de Dinechin, Journalist
Pamela Flores, Journalist
Panagiotis Moschandreou, Photographer
Paola Sarappa, Photographer
Paolo Darra, Photographer
Paolo Jay Agbay, Photographer
Paolo Patrizi, Photographer
Paolo Verzone, Photographer
Paolo Woods, Photographer
Parisa Azadi, Visual Journalist
Parker Asmann, Journalist
Paromita Chatterjee, Photographer
Parth MN, Journalist
Pascale Mariani, Journalist
Pasquale Rescigno, Photographer
Pat Kane, Visual Journalist
Patience Zalanga, Documentary Photographer
Patricia De Melo Moreira, Photographer
Patricio Michelin, Documentary Photographer
Patricio Murphy, Visual Journalist
Patrick Brown, Photographer
Patrick Junker, Visual Journalist
Patrick Meinhardt, Photographer
Patrick Raycraft, Visual Journalist
Patrick Tombola, Filmmaker
Paul Boyer, Journalist
Paul Mailman, Videographer
Paul Radu, Journalist
Paul Weaver, Photographer
Paul Wennerholm, Documentary Photographer
Paula Alves Silva, Journalist
Paula Carrillo, Journalist
Paula Marina Castro, Photographer
Pauline Beugnies, Documentary Photographer
Paulo Nunes dos Santos, Photojournalist
Paulo Pimenta, Photographer
Pavel Proshin, Photographer
Pedel Hugo, Photographer
Per Pedersen, Photographer
Per Schultz-Knudsen, Journalist
Pete Voelkwr, Documentary Photographer
Peter DiCampo, Photo Editor
Peter Enright, Documentary Photographer
Peter Griffin, Writer / Editor
Peter Hove Olesen, Photo Editor
Peter Lapinski, Photographer
Peter Maiden, Photographer
Peter Maunsbach, Documentary Photographer
Peter van Agtmael, Photographer
Philippe de Poulpiquet, Photographer
Philippe Taris, Documentary Photographer
Pia Hinckle, Writer / Editor
Piera Moore, Photographer
Pierina Denegri Davies, Journalist
Piero Cruciatti, Visual Journalist
Pierre Barbancey, Journalist
Pierre Hybre, Photographer
Pierre Mohamed-Petit, Photographer
Pierre Raimbault, Photographer
Pietro Masturzo, Photographer
Pooja Bhatia, Writer / Editor
Pooyan Tabatabei, Visual Journalist
Portia Ladrido, Writer / Editor
Prarthna Singh, Photographer
Prasiit Sthapit, Documentary Photographer
Priscilla Totiyapungprasert, Journalist
Priyadarshini Sen, Journalist
Priyanka Shankar, Journalist
Putu Sayoga, Photographer
Q. Sakamaki, Photographer
Quique Kierszenbaum, Photographer
Rachael Akidi Okwir , Journalist
Rachel Beth Anderson, Filmmaker
Rachel Claire, Photographer
Rachel Duckett, Journalist
Rachel Wisniewski, Photographer
Rachit Gupta, Journalist
Rafael Fabrés, Documentary Photographer
Rafael Teixeira, Photographer
Rafael Vilela, Photographer
Rafael Yaghobzadeh, Documentary Photographer
Raffaele Petralla, Documentary Photographer
Raffaele Vertaldi , Educator
Raffy Lerma, Photographer
Rafly Gilang Pratama, Writer / Editor
Ramon De la Rocha, Photographer
Ramzi Haidar, Photographer
Ranwa Yehia, Educator
Raphael Lafargue, Photographer
Raqib Hameed Naik, Journalist
Raquel Fontanal Fernández , Photographer
Rasid Aslim, Photographer
Rasmus Flindt Pedersen, Documentary Photographer
Raul Ariano, Photographer
Raul Gallego, Filmmaker
Raúl Moreno, Documentary Photographer
Rawan Yaghi, Journalist
Rayan Hindi, Journalist
Raza Gillani, Journalist
Rebeca Binda, Documentary Photographer
Rebeca Mayorga, Visual Journalist
Rebecca Bengal, Writer / Editor
Rebecca Bonello Ghio, Journalist
Rebecca Conway, Photographer
Rebecca Gibian, Journalist
Rebecca Noble, Photographer
Regin Winther Poulsen, Journalist
Rehab Eldalil, Photographer
Rei Hayama, Videographer
Rejeky Kene, Photographer
Rena Effendi, Photographer
Renae Saxby, Documentary Photographer
Renata Brito, Visual Journalist
Renata Ferri, Photo Editor
Renate Beense, Photographer
Renato Negrão, Photographer
Renaud Philippe, Documentary Photographer
Ricardo Arduengo, Photographer
Ricardo Lopes, Documentary Photographer
Ricardo Nogueira, Photographer
Riccardo Bononi, Visual Journalist
Riccardo Cremona, Filmmaker
Ricci Shryock, Photographer
Richa C Bhavanam, Photographer
Richard Davis, Journalist
Richard Ellis, Photojournalist
Richard Eyers, Documentary Photographer
Ridhwan Siregar, Photographer
Rita Paige, Visual Journalist
Robert Denis, Writer / Editor
Robert Pluma, Documentary Photographer
Robert Stothard, Documentary Photographer
Roberta Lancellotti, Journalist
Roberto García-Roa, Photographer
Roberto Salinas, Filmmaker
Roberto Salomone, Photographer
Robin Hammond, Photojournalist
Rodri Mattos, Photographer
Rogelio Navarro, Videographer
Roger Anis, Documentary Photographer
Roger Hagmann, Photographer
Rohit Saha, Photographer
Roland Magunia, Photographer
Roland Schmid, Photographer
Roman Pilipey, Photographer
Romina Hierro, Photographer
Romy Willing, Curator
Ronan Donovan, Photographer
Roopa Gogineni, Filmmaker
Rosa Gauditano, Photographer
Rosella Degori, Photographer
Rosem Morton, Documentary Photographer
Roshni Khatri, Photographer
Roxana Charris, Photographer
Roy De La Cruz, Photographer
Roy Lagarde, Photographer
Ruairí Casey, Journalist
Rubén Salgado Escudero, Photographer
Rubini Naidu, Photographer
Rui Caria, Visual Journalist
Rushda Syed, Journalist
Ryan Cocca, Writer / Editor
Ryan Jones, Educator
Ryanne Mena, Journalist
Saad Alnassife, Journalist
Saara Mansikkamäki, Photographer
Sabina Lee, Writer / Editor
Sabine Anton, Filmmaker
Sabirin Manurung, Visual Journalist
Sabita Lahkar, Journalist
Sade Fasanya, Photographer
Saeid Arabzadeh, Documentary Photographer
Saeideh Shahmir, Documentary Photographer
Sahar Coston-Hardy, Photographer
Sakari Piippo, Documentary Photographer
Sakip Yasar, Photographer
Saleem Khan, Journalist
Salgu Wissmath, Visual Journalist
Sally Abou AlJoud, Journalist
Sally Hayden, Journalist
Salvador Espinoza, Photographer
Salvatore Cavalli, Photographer
Sam Barzilay, Curator
Sam Belgace, Journalist
Sam Bradpiece, Journalist
Sam Mallon, Visual Journalist
Sam McNeil, Visual Journalist
Sam Mednick, Journalist
Sam Murphy, Documentary Photographer
Sam Russek, Writer / Editor
Samantha Clark, Photo Editor
Sameer Al-Doumy, Photographer
Sameera Khan, Journalist
Samuel Aranda, Photojournalist
Samuel Burri, Journalist
Samuel Iavelberg, Photographer
Samuel Nacar, Visual Journalist
Samuel Thomas Beech, Photographer
Samyukta Lakshmi, Documentary Photographer
Sana Malik, Filmmaker
Sana Sbouai, Journalist
Sana Ullah, Photographer
Sandali Handagama, Journalist
Sandra Balsells, Photographer
Sandra Calligaro, Photographer
Sandra Hercegova, Journalist
Sandra Noujeim, Journalist
Sandra Wolf, Journalist
Sandy De La Rosa, Educator
Sandy Rochelle, Photographer
Sangar Khaleel, Journalist
Sania Mahyou, Journalist
Sanja Vrzić, Photographer
Santi Carneri, Documentary Photographer
Santi Donaire, Photographer
Santi Palacios, Photojournalist
Santiago Arcos, Photographer
Santiago Botero Sanchez, Documentary Photographer
Santiago Lyon, Educator
Santiago Mazzarovich, Photographer
Sara Aliaga Ticona, Documentary Photographer
Sara Bannoura, Journalist
Sara Hylton, Photographer
Sara Lewkowicz, Photographer
Sara Manisera, Journalist
Sara Sallam, Photographer
Sara Santori, Writer / Editor
Sara Terry, Documentary Photographer
Sarah Arnoff Yeoman, Photographer
Sarah Bates, Photographer
Sarah Fretwell, Documentary Photographer
Sarah George, Filmmaker
Sarah Hoenicke Flores, Writer / Editor
Sarah Kellapatha, Writer / Editor
Sarah Khatami, Educator
Sarah Leen, Photo Editor
Sarah Mabrouk, Journalist
Sarah Madsen, Filmmaker
Sarah Pabst, Documentary Photographer
Sarah Palmer, Photographer
Sarah Souli, Journalist
Sarah Stacke, Documentary Photographer
Sarika Bansal, Writer / Editor
Sarita Santoshini, Journalist
Sarthak Chand, Documentary Photographer
Sasha Baker, Journalist
Sashenka. Gutiérrez, Photographer
Saskia Terzani, Writer / Editor
Satu Heikkilä, Journalist
Saumya Khandelwal, Photographer
Savannah Dodd, Photographer
Savino Carbone, Documentary Photographer
Scout Tufankjian, Documentary Photographer
Seamus Murphy, Photographer
Sean Sirota, Photographer
Sean Sutton, Documentary Photographer
Sebastián Hidalgo, Journalist
Sebastian Lindstrom, Filmmaker
Sebastián Zuleta Ríos , Photographer
Sebastiano Bellomo, Photographer
Sechaba Mokhethi, Writer / Editor
Ségolène Ragu, Photographer
Sella Oneko, Journalist
Selma Mhaoud, Writer / Editor
Semantha Norris, Visual Journalist
Serena De Sanctis, Photographer
Sergey Ponomarev, Photographer
Sergey Shestak, Photographer
Sergi Alcazar Badia, Photographer
Sergio Flores, Photojournalist
Serkan Colak, Documentary Photographer
Serra Akcan, Photographer
Seth Herald, Documentary Photographer
Seun Adeniyi, Documentary Photographer
Shady Alassar, Journalist
Shafi Musaddique, Journalist
Shafkat Anowar, Visual Journalist
Shahidul Alam, Photographer
Shahrzad Rasekh, Visual Journalist
Shannon Ghannam, Educator
Shannon VanRaes, Visual Journalist
Shannon Walsh, Filmmaker
Shannon Wells, Photographer
Sharif Abdel Kouddous, Journalist
Sharmaine Entwistle, Visual Journalist
Shaun Swingler, Filmmaker
Shay Conroy, Documentary Photographer
Shaya Laughlin, Journalist
Shelby Tauber, Photographer
Shirin Abedi, Documentary Photographer
Shivam Rastogi, Filmmaker
Shoah Lints, Photographer
Shogo Kawakita, Writer / Editor
Shravya Kag, Photographer
Shruti Ravindran, Journalist
Shubh Jain, Photographer
Silvia Rizzi, Curator
Silvio da Costa Pereira, Educator
Simon Skipper, Photographer
Simona Foltyn, Journalist
Simona Ghizzoni, Photographer
Simone Bruno, Videographer
Simrah Farrukh, Photographer
Sinan Kiliç, Documentary Photographer
Sinar Alvarado, Journalist
Singeli Agnew, Filmmaker
Smita Sharma, Visual Journalist
Sofia Aldinio, Photographer
Sofia Catala Vidal, Journalist
Sofia Navarrete Zur, Documentary Photographer
Sofía Yanjarí Aburto, Photographer
Sohei Ide, Writer / Editor
Sohrab Hura, Photographer
Sol A. Wendel, Journalist
Sonia Jeunet, Educator
Sonia Kennebeck, Filmmaker
Sophia Maier, Journalist
Sophie Garcia, Photographer
Sophie Guignon, Journalist
Sophie Neiman, Journalist
Sophie Nivelle-Cardinale, Journalist
Sophie Park, Photographer
Sophie Stuber, Journalist
Sophie Vincendeau, Documentary Photographer
Sopho Aptsiauri, Journalist
Sou Harris, Photographer
Spencer Murphy, Photographer
Sree Sripathy, Photographer
Stacey Newman, Photographer
Steel Brooks, Photographer
Stefan Kleinowitz, Photographer
Stefanie Glinski, Journalist
Stefano Chianese, Videographer
Stefano Lotumolo, Photographer
Stefano Sbrulli, Documentary Photographer
Stefano Schirato, Photographer
Stefanos Paikos, Photographer
Stelios Ophanides, Journalist
Stella Männer, Journalist
Stéphane Kenech, Journalist
Stephanie Galea, Photographer
Stephanie Hegarty, Journalist
Stephanie Heimann, Photo Editor
Stéphanie Maurice, Journalist
Stephen Ferry, Photographer
Stephen Swofford, Documentary Photographer
Steve Rhodes, Photographer
Steven Meyer, Journalist
Steven Thrasher, Journalist
Stuart Palley, Photographer
Sue Morrow, Photo Editor
Suha Araj, Filmmaker
Sukanya Roy, Journalist
Sukanya Shantha, Journalist
Supian Ahmad, Photo Editor
Supranav Dash, Documentary Photographer
Susan Meiselas, Documentary Photographer
Susana Ferreira, Journalist
Susanna La Polla De Giovanni, Journalist
Suzanne Stein, Photographer
Svet Jacqueline Goldmeier, Photographer
Svetlana Bachevanova, Photographer
Sweta Vohra, Filmmaker
Syaiful Redzuan Md Noor, Documentary Photographer
Syarifah Sa’diyah, Filmmaker
Sydney Seabron, Filmmaker
Syed Yaqeen, Documentary Photographer
Sylke Gruhnwald, Journalist
Sylvain Cherkaoui, Photographer
Sylvia Jarrus, Visual Journalist
Synne Bjerkestrand, Journalist
T Silva, Photographer
Tahia Farhin Haque, Photographer
Taíssa Lopes, Writer / Editor
Takeharu Watai, Journalist
Tako Robakidze, Photographer
Tama Salim, Writer / Editor
Tamana Ayazi, Filmmaker
Tamar Kenigsberg Bentov, Writer / Editor
Tamara Merino Bloch, Documentary Photographer
Tamara Saade, Photographer
Tamir Kalifa, Photographer
Tanya Bindra, Filmmaker
Tanya Habjouqa, Documentary Photographer
Tanya Núñez, Videographer
Tanya Raghu, Journalist
Tara Keir, Visual Journalist
Tara Pixley, Visual Journalist
Tara Sutton, Filmmaker
Tarek Turkey, Filmmaker
Tariq Saleh, Journalist
Tarisai Ngangura, Journalist
Tasnim Nazeer, Journalist
Tatsiana Chypsanava, Photographer
Taurat Hossain, Photographer
Tavleen Tarrant, Journalist
Tayfun Coskun, Photographer
Taylor Barnes, Journalist
Taylor Glascock, Visual Journalist
Taylor Neyens, Photographer
Ted Nieters, Visual Journalist
Teemu Niemelä, Visual Journalist
Témoris Grecko, Journalist
Teresa Aranguren, Journalist
Teresa Di Mauro, Journalist
Tess Raimbeau, Photo Editor
Thais Llorca, Visual Journalist
The Estate of Paul Fusco, Photographer
Thea Marie Klinger, Documentary Photographer
Théophile Bloudanis, Journalist
Theresa Breuer, Filmmaker
Thiago Dezan, Photographer
Thibaut Oskian, Filmmaker
Thomas Abgrall, Journalist
Thomas Bertson, Documentary Photographer
Thomas Cristofoletti, Filmmaker
Thomas Dallal, Visual Journalist
Thomas Francia, Documentary Photographer
Thomas Haley, Visual Journalist
Thomas Hartwell, Photojournalist
Thomas Hengge, Photographer
Thomas Machowicz, Documentary Photographer
Thomas Nicolon, Photographer
Thomas Nuetzl, Photographer
Tibo Schneider, Photographer
Tiina Itkonen, Photographer
Tim Evans, Documentary Photographer
Tim Matsui, Visual Journalist
Tim Smith, Photographer
Timothy Fadek, Photographer
Tina Ahrens, Photo Editor
Tina Hsu, Photographer
Tino Soriano, Photographer
Tito Rosemberg, Journalist
Tojo Andrianarivo, Photographer
Tom Bradley, Documentary Photographer
Tom Jamieson, Photographer
Tom Laffay, Visual Journalist
Tom Popyk, Videographer
Tom Stocks, Journalist
Tomas Ayuso, Photographer
Tomas van Houtryve, Photographer
Tommaso Protti, Photographer
Tony Costa, Photographer
Tony Gerber, Filmmaker
Torsten Raagaard, Journalist
Trent Maynard, Filmmaker
Trent Powelson, Photographer
Trisha Anas, Journalist
Tristan Spinski, Journalist
Trui Hanoulle, Visual Journalist
Tshepiso Mabula ka Ndongeni, Photographer
Tuane Fernandes, Photographer
Ty ONeil, Visual Journalist
Ulet Ifansasti, Photographer
Ulf Schmidt-Funke, Visual Journalist
Uma Bista, Photographer
Un Jeong, Documentary Photographer
Unai Beroiz, Photographer
Utkarsh Singh, Photographer
Uwa Iduozee, Documentary Photographer
V Ho, Photographer
V Roy, Writer / Editor
Vaishnavi Suresh, Visual Journalist
Valentina Camu, Photographer
Valentina Del Vecchio , Writer / Editor
Valentina Sinis, Documentary Photographer
Valentino Bellini, Photographer
Valeria Alessandrini, Photographer
Valeria Mongelli, Visual Journalist
Valeria Scrilatti, Photographer
Valerie Massadian, Filmmaker
Valerie Pires, Journalist
Valerio Nicolosi, Journalist
Vanessa Ataliba, Photographer
Vanessa Dougnac, Journalist
Vania Turner, Filmmaker
Varun Nayar, Writer / Editor
Vasilia Kaliafentaki, Photographer
Vasillis Svarnias, Photographer
Vedad Divovic, Documentary Photographer
Veejay Villafranca, Documentary Photographer
Vera Sajrawi, Journalist
Verena Brüning, Photographer
Veronica Daltri, Photo Editor
Veronica Frenzel, Journalist
Veronique De Viguerie, Photojournalist
Víctor Moriyama, Photographer
Victor Serri, Photographer
Victoria Birkbeck, Filmmaker
Victoria Bouloubasis, Journalist
Victoria Edel, Journalist
Victoria Yee, Photographer
Vince Beiser, Journalist
Vincent Boisot, Photographer
Vincent Rocca-Serra, Documentary Photographer
Vincenzo Circosta, Photographer
Vincenzo Montefinese, Photographer
Vinícius Vicente Teixeira, Photographer
Virginia Ruiz Vidal, Journalist
Virginia Vigliar, Writer / Editor
Virginie Nguyen Hoang, Photographer
Vitor Vogel, Photographer
Vittorio Ferrara, Journalist
Vivian Wan, Photographer
Viviane Blumenschein, Filmmaker
Wael Elsayyed, Journalist
Wai Lee Michael Ho, Photographer
Wallace Woon, Visual Journalist
Walter Baranger, Journalist
Warrick Page, Photographer
Wesley Lapointe, Photographer
Will Miller, Filmmaker
William Christou, Journalist
William Daniels, Documentary Photographer
William Keo, Photographer
William Lounsbury, Photographer
William Sands, Documentary Photographer
Willy Hu, Curator
Wilson Fache, Journalist
Wilson McMakin, Journalist
Winnie Kamau, Writer / Editor
Wolf France, Journalist
Wolfgang Schwan, Photographer
Woong-jae Shin, Documentary Photographer
Wynton Wong, Filmmaker
Xavier Soule, Writer / Editor
Xyza Cruz Bacani, Documentary Photographer
Yader Guzman, Photojournalist
Yago Gonçalves, Photographer
Yan Boechat, Journalist
Yannick Stephant, Photographer
Yara Nardi, Photographer
Yasmin Amer, Journalist
Yauhen Yerchak, Photographer
Yemile Bucay, Journalist
Yen Duong, Visual Journalist
Yevhenii Vasyliev, Documentary Photographer
Yohan Bonnet, Photographer
Yolanda Escobar Jimenez, Photographer
Yolanda Evans, Journalist
Youngrae Kim, Documentary Photographer
Youssef Elalfy, Journalist
Yuen Ching (Hesther) Ng, Photographer
Yuichi Yamazaki, Photographer
Yunuen Bonaparte, Photo Editor
Yuri Cortez, Photographer
Yurii Shyvala, Journalist
Yusuf Sayman, Photographer
Yvonne Rarieya, Visual Journalist
Zahra Moloo, Filmmaker
Zane Wolfang, Journalist
Zarifa Mohamad, Educator
Zaydee Sanchez, Visual Journalist
Zecharias Zelalem, Journalist
Zeeshan Tirmizi, Writer / Editor
Zeina Zeitoun, Photo Editor
Zeynep Bilginsoy, Journalist
Zeynep Yüncüler, Journalist
Zhu Qincay, Documentary Photographer
Zina Hameed, Journalist
Zishaan A Latif, Photographer
Ziyah Gafic, Documentary Photographer
Zoe Meyers, Photographer
Zuha Siddiqui, Journalist
Zuhal Demirci, Journalist